Gambling Addiction Help – Who to Contact?

Don’t stress out if you believe your gambling habits have gotten out of hand. Help for gambling addiction is available, and we’ll show you where to find it.

There is no need to feel this way, yet many gamers tend to experience alone and shame when they realize they have a gambling issue. It’s vital to regain control over your gambling, and we’ll soon outline the actions you may take to do so.

The first and foremost step is admitting that you have an addiction. Although we know that this is not an easy task. We will outline some strategies for identifying the warning signals and getting the support you require to stop.

Anywhere in the world, you can obtain help. We’ve compiled some information on who can be your first point of contact or if you need to assist someone who is in need of aid since it’s crucial to speak up and get the support you require.

How to Tell If I Need Gambling Addiction Treatment

It’s quite simple to get help to stop gambling, but you must first recognize the signs. You can self-evaluate in a variety of ways. Moreover, it’s always a good idea to do so on a regular basis to keep yourself under control.

Here are some queries to ask yourself to decide whether you need help with gambling.

  • Do you often postpone social plans to gamble and are you preoccupied with it?
  • Do you bet money that you cannot afford to lose? Depositing money should only be done with funds that won’t affect your finances.
  • Have you reached a stage where you need to bet large amounts of cash in order to get the same level of pleasure as you did when betting smaller sums?
  • Do you continue to chase your losses? You are chasing your losses if you keep making deposits in an attempt to get back money that you have recently lost. This will never turn out nicely.
  • Are you seeking a loan from friends or family? Or getting loans to support your hobby?
  • Do you have no social skills at all, or do you spend gradually less time with your family to gamble?

It’s time to stop if you are checking even one of these boxes. It’s time to think about receiving help.

Who Should I Call for Nearby Gambling Addiction Treatment?

There is help available to you wherever in the world! It only takes a click to find nearby treatment for gambling addiction. You can use the internet to look for nearby help for gambling addiction.

Below, we’ll discuss a few major markets:

United Kingdom

The UK must be among the strongest countries in the world when it comes to treating gambling addiction. The nation is home to a variety of gambling addiction charities, including GamCare, which is the most well-known.

Anyone who is facing harm from gambling can get free, honest advice and help from GamCare. They feature a helpline for confidential phone help in addition to offering online chat support around-the-clock.

However, there are other more groups in the UK that can aid in the treatment of gambling addiction, such as:

  • Gamblers Anonymous UK
  • Gambling Therapy (offering multilingual services)
  • National Problem Gambling Center (available to residents of England and Wales)
  • Counseling Resources

The majority of these are always reachable online


Your primary point of contact in Canada would be RGC (The Responsible Gambling Council). It is a separate non-profit organization whose goal is to stop problem gambling. They offer services to the general public, children, and teenagers. Their mission is to reduce risks and their motto is “All in for safer gambling.”

Although RGC does not offer treatment, we can connect you with the right organizations so you may obtain the support you require. They can be reached through phone or online.


The legality of gambling in the USA varies depending on the state in which you are located. However, you can get help by state thanks to a list of resources provided by the National Council on Problem Gambling. Other assistance networks include:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • Addiction Centre
  • The Recovery Village
  • Ohio-based Get Set Before You Bet


Australia has a National Gambling Helpline that offers free, skilled, and private support around-the-clock.

You can also get further information by contacting the Commonwealth Financial Counseling website if you are having financial problems as a result of problem gambling.


Anyone who is suffering from gambling-related harm or knows someone who is suffering can get help from the German Federal Centre for Health Education.

In the directory for addiction support, they can provide local points of contact as well as extension aid and support.

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