Exploring the Traditional Online Cockfighting Betting Guide

Seeing animals fight, shed blood and to make money out of it – no that is not some satanic crime, it is instead a tradition humans have been following since time immemorial. Reported as one of the most primitive forms of betting and gambling, cockfights have been so much in the veins of human gambling games. If you have watched movies like gladiators, you must be well aware of this tradition whose roots can be unearthed somewhere in the oldest Greek and Roman empires. Later the tradition was successfully carried to Britain and then to Southeast Asia through their British colonists.

However, in today’s civilized world, brutal sports such as these are not quite appreciated and thus comes in the role of technology. Virtual or Online cockfighting has now become immensely popular among players. The game is quite complex because strategies will determine the win or loss. Also, the game involves multiple terminologies to master. The one pro tip to remember if you are planning to participate in online cockfighting is that : you cannot win by simple luck in this game.

Online Cockfighting – Game Terminology

Let us now understand about the various betting terminologies involved in the game:


Meron is the game terminology for the red cock. In the game of online cockfighting, the player either bets on the red cock or the blue cock. Betting on meron means you bet on the red cock. If it can defeat the blue cock in the game you win and if it loses you lose. The game play is quite similar to real life cockfighting, the only difference being all of it happening over a screen.


Wala stands for the blue cock. Similar to meron, if a player bets on the Wala cock and it cannot make it to win before the last 10 minutes of the game, the player will lose and vice versa of Wala can defeat meron.


This is another popular game terminology that signifies Full Time Draw. FTD is a scenario when both the cocks – meron and wala are alive and equally fighting evn when only the last 10 minutes are left. During this time, any player who had placed their bet on meron or wala will end up losing the bet.


This is a situation where none of the cocks are alive to win the game. BBD stands for Both Death Draw. If meron and wala both die till the match ends, the entire bet amount will be returned to the players because there will be no clear winner in the game.

How to Play Online Cockfighting?

Here are the steps to follow if you truly want to indulge in serious online cockfighting. The only rule for beginners is to keep in mind that this game has very little scope for mistakes.

  • The first step to get started is obviously to search for the best and most reliable sites that offer the game of online cockfighting. You must have a stable internet connection, a reliable device and also be age appropriate.
  • After looking out for the best site, register on the site by creating a personal account through just some easy steps. Make sure that you provide the real identity details while signing up because identity verification will occur and you could be banned if there are any discrepancies regarding the information you provide.
  • Before you actually place the bet, take some time to read the guidelines of the gaming site thoroughly. There are also provisions for multi betting, but as a beginner that can be quite a challenging task.
  • All you have to do is choose either Meron, Wala, BDD or FTD to bet out and then keep an eye on the game live stream to know about your progress. After choosing the cock, you have to choose the bet amount and hit the submit button. It is quite close to any other game betting with some special tricks and hacks to make it big.

Final Words

Be it real life or online cockfighting, this game is meant to induce a severe adrenaline rush among the players. If you are fond of such adventurous games, online cockfighting can surely be a great way out. But also, it is one of the toughest games you will ever encounter. Mistakes are inevitable on the part of beginners, you only get better at it by appropriate strategizing and ample practice. Another good way to boost your skills is by watching some live game streamings that gives you the best idea about strategies.

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