Evolution Gold Bar Roulette Rules, Strategy And Tips

A new live dealer roulette game by Evolution Gaming is called Gold Bar Roulette. It was introduced in 2022. The multipliers in this roulette game are a part in Evolution Gaming’s roulette games. They have a high return-to-player percentage of 97.10%. Unique dynamics of Gold Bar Roulette make it much more interesting to play. To find out Evolution Gold Bar Roulette rules and strategy, keep reading.

Evolution Gold Bar Roulette Rules.

The gameplay is like traditional European roulette when playing Gold Bar Roulette. Though the presenters and presentations for the live casino are expert. The basic controls are uniform. Chips can be used to choose your stake and to place it on the bet you like. If your bets cover the number where the ball lands after the dealer spins the wheel, you win.

Yet, when you place a Straight-Up bet, the game becomes more engaging. Since there are several steps, let’s begin at the beginning.

Winning Gold Bars

Gold Bars, an in-game currency that can only be earned by winning Straight-Up bets. They are introduced in Gold Bar Roulette. After the betting session, the host opens a vault to expose one to twenty gold bars. These bars are up for grabs if you succeed in any Straight-Up bet during that round.

The Gold Bar multiplier, often known as the Gold Bar multiplier. It is an 88x multiplier that is specific to the quantity of the bet you made to win the Gold Bar, or the Gold Bar Value. You can view how many Gold Bars you have and the Gold Bar Multiplier and Value in the bottom left of the user interface.

Using Gold Bars

When you have enough gold bars, you can use them to make straight-up bets and cash bets at the same time. If you win a Straight-Up bet with a Gold Bar, you also earn the multiplier times the Gold Bar’s value. If a single number wins, you can wager many Gold Bars on it, and your payment will be the total of all multipliers.

For example, winning a Gold Bar bet with two bars pays 178x, winning with five bars pays 440x, and so on. Interesting enough, winning such bets will also reward you with more Gold Bars. You can collect and use any Gold Bars you win anyway you’d like. The next time you play, they will still be there. But they will disappear after 180 days if you don’t play this particular game.

Straight up Bet Results

There are two different bet kinds available in Gold Bar Roulette. And the following are all possible winning combinations:

  • If you place a cash bet and win a Straight-up bet. You will also receive a 24:1 payment and the number of gold bars that are revealed when the safe is opened.
  • You receive a sizable reward (Gold Bar value x Gold Bar multiplier) if you win a Straight-up bet with Gold Bars. Besides, you receive more bars, like with a cash bet.
  • You win all the above prizes if a Gold Bar and chips are both placed on the same number. This contains a base reward of 24:1, a payout increased by the gold bar, and extra bars.

Evolution Gold Bar Roulette Strategy

The two separate phases of this game are using the gold bars and winning. Although doing both at once is possible, it may not be the best use of your money and needs discipline. Thus, we will split the strategy into two parts: earning gold bars and use of them to succeed.

Winning Gold Bars in the EVOLUTION Gold bar Roulette Strategy

By making a straight-up bet on a successful number, you can earn gold bars. There are various ways to win gold bars:

  • You can ensure some gold bars and a 19:1 return by betting on all straight-up numbers, but it will cost you 16 units.
  • Your odds of winning while placing a straight-up bet on every other number are 2:1. Two units and your gold bars are yours if you win. There will be an 18 unit loss if you lose.
  • You have a 3:1 chance of winning if you bet on every third number. You’ll get your gold bars and a 7:1 return if you win. You will lose and lose 12 units.

Using Gold Bars in the EVOLUTION Gold bar Roulette Strategy

Gaining gold bars is simple; the trick is putting them to good use. Here are the top three uses for gold bars:

  • Place routine bets by your usual betting strategies. And only sometimes place gold bars on certain numbers. Gold bar wins are paid out at an 88x rate. And you can double the gold bars on each spot for a 176x payout. Which is the highest you’ll want to use with this strategy.
  • Place more gold bars, say four per bet spot, on certain of the numbers in your usual betting pattern to get a 352x payout. With gold bars, you’ll cover fewer numbers, which will reduce your chance of winning. But you’ll still get a respectable return when you do.
  • To get the biggest prizes, place a lot of gold bars on one or two numbers. Although more difficult, this strategy yields the most gains.


With the ability to control multipliers. Evolution Gold Bar Roulette gives players a fair and open gambling environment. The game is set up, offering players a thrilling and exciting experience. Along with the chance of huge rewards that enhance the joy.

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