Evolution Gold Bar Roulette Review & Guide

Are you ready for the best thing to happen to roulette since Lightning Roulette? We are, yes. Evolution admits that since Lightning Roulette came out, they haven’t done anything noteworthy regarding roulette game shows. Even though the game has been out for a while, it continues to be a huge hit. Still, there’s no doubt everyone would be glad to have access to another great roulette game. Evolution plans to release Gold Bar Roulette Live in 2022. The game is meant to keep gamers happy while they wait for new blockbuster games.

Gold Bar Roulette Live’s main idea is that something cool will happen when you win. Now that we know that every win comes with a multiplier, we can focus on the mechanism that will make every spin of the roulette wheel more exciting.

Strategy for Gold-Bar Roulette:

Go to an Online Casino and Play a Game of Gold Bar Roulette:

Make sure the site you’re considering has Evolution as one of its live casino options. In the live casino lobby, choose Gold Bar Roulette. A real person runs the live roulette game, and the casino takes you to Evolution’s studio, where the action is happening.

Bets and Stakes:

The first step is to determine how much you’re willing to play. You can choose your bet by clicking on the chips in the lower center of the screen. The next step is to decide on a strategy and how much you want to bet. Except for the straight-up bet, all the other standard roulette bets are available, and they all pay out the same as in standard roulette. In European roulette, the payout for a straight-up bet is 35:1, but in Gold Bar Roulette, it’s only 19:1. But when you win a straight bet, you get a gold bar as a prize. When a game begins, you have exactly 21 seconds to place a bet.

Gold in the form of Bars:

The dealer opens four vaults and spins the ball after each betting round. There are a lot of gold bars hidden in the safes, which is a surprise. One gold bar is the bare minimum. Twenty is the most gold bars you can have. Each piece of gold is worth 88 times that amount. If you bet straight up and win, you get the 19:1 payout and the gold bars in the vault. On the screen, you can see how many Gold Bars you have. 

Gold Bars’ Value:

Every Gold Bar you win is worth the same amount of money as the straight bet you made. Gold Bars from different straight-up bets with different face values will be given an average value. If you click on the gold bar icon, you can see how many Gold Bars you have left.

Place Gold Bars:

Use your Gold Bars to make bets when you feel confident. On Gold Bars, you can only make a straight bet. One number can have extra Gold Bars put on it. Go to your Gold Bar balance to bet a single Gold Bar worth 88 times what it is worth right now. If you put one or more Gold Bars on a winning Straight Up bet location, you will get cash (Gold Bar multiplier x Gold Bar value x number of Gold Bars you put on the winning number), and the Gold Bars you won will be added to your Gold Bar balance.

Additional Functions:

The Gold Bar system makes the game stand out, and you can see it right away in Evolution Gold Bar Roulette. When Evolution makes a game, these extras are par for the course. First, the wheel still has all the parts of a real European roulette game. Except for Straight-Up bets, all other bets follow standard rules and payoffs. Using the Racetrack table on the right, you can also bet on the Sector and Neighbors. Right above it, you’ll also see statistics and plans.

In the settings menu, you can change the language, the subtitles, and the volume. It’s important to remember that switching languages only changes the text on the user interface, not what the presenters say. In the same way, you can talk to the dealers and other players in real-time through the chat box.


From what we can tell, a big part of Evolution’s next games coming out in 2022 will be how much players help make them. That’s right up our alley because we like games where we get to make decisions. People know that the only way to win at roulette is by luck, so some might say that anything else goes against the spirit of the game. Gold Bar roulette, on the other hand, gives your favorite game a new level of structure and flow. Most bets are just stepping stones to bigger wins in the future. This changes how you can play roulette strategically and adds a fun twist to the game.

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