What is Dutch Betting Means in Sports Betting?

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Bettors place their bets on various sports using various strategies, including Dutch Betting. It is one of the most famous betting strategies, mostly available in sports betting. Furthermore, it has become a legitimate and widely used betting strategy to try and reap profits. The origin of this betting technique is American Underworld.

Initially, it was mainly used in horse racing and football to maximize the chances of winning a single event. Now, it is widely used in other sports and major sporting events. In this article, you will get knowledge of what Dutch Betting is, how it works, and other important information. 

What is Dutch Betting and How it Works?

In sports betting, placing bets on more than one team in a large field event is famous as Dutch Betting. It is also famous as Dutch Betting. In addition to this, it is a simple and easy betting technique. The major objective of using this technique is that you will end up winning a single outcome. It is just another form of matched Betting. You have to place your first bet and cover the other outcomes within the same market at another sports book. 

To make an equal profit or loss, no matter the outcome, you have to stake various amounts on each selection. The amount of your stake depends on the odds. This betting technique helps to minimize the risk of losing money. You need to understand the correct stake to place. So, you will get the same amount of money regardless of which selection wins. Apart from this, there is plenty of risk in Dutch Betting. You will lose your stake in both bets if both outcomes lose.

Example to Understand How Dutch Betting Works:

Suppose there is a four-horse race, “Horse A” with 10.0 odds, “Horse B” with 6.0 odds, “Horse C” with 3.0 odds, and “Horse D” with 2.2 odds. You should first check if there are any better odds elsewhere. Perhaps Horse A has 10.0 odds offered at odds of 12.0 elsewhere. This very little research could go a long way regarding your potential profit. You need to check if there is an arbitrage chance using the best odds of 12.0, 6.0, 3.0, and 2.2.

If the odds are too high, you can make a risk-free profit. However, finding an arbitrage opportunity is just like trading bots will quickly pick it up if it exists. After that, the decimal odds can translate into implied probabilities by searching their inverse. To understand Dutch Betting perfectly, here is a fruitful example: Horse C, with 3.0 odds, has an implied probability of a one-third chance of winning. The total implied probabilities are generally higher than 100%, with the massive probabilities defined as the margin or the over round. In this example, the margin is 3.79%. So, there are no arbitrage opportunities. 

Suppose you want to bet on the two outsiders, “Horse A” with 12.0 odds and Horse B with 6.0 odds. If you bet €1 on each horse, you can profit if either of the horses wins. On the other hand, you can make more if “Horse A” wins. However, the main question is how much you should bet on each horse to get the same payoff, irrespective of which one of the two wins. In this case, it is important to understand that the stake on “Horse B” should be double that of “Horse A.” Since stakes of €1 and €2 on “Horse A” and “Horse B” will return €12 in winnings and €12 minus €1 minus €2 equals €9 in profit if any of the horses win. 

How to Calculate your Stake?

The proportion of the total stake must be the ratio of the implied probability of each outcome to the total implied probabilities of the Dutch Betting portfolio. Here are the steps that you need to follow to calculate your stake. 

  • Choose which outcomes you need to include in the portfolio.
  • Get the implied probability of every single outcome.
  • Total the probabilities.
  • The ratio of the total stakes, the implied probability of every outcome, to the total from step three. 


Dutch betting is a legitimate, smart, and frequently used a strategy that can yield a profit. However, it would help if you used it with caution. It is a fact that no betting technique is completely risk-free. While Dutch Betting will help avoid major risks, it will not eliminate them. It would help if you waited for the perfect circumstances in events to maximize your chances of earning a profit. It means that you need plenty of luck instead of skill.

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