Do Online Casino Games Pay More Than Land Based Casino?

Technology has advanced every aspect of a human’s lifestyle. The adoption of automation has been adhered to by casinos. Like any other industry, casinos have made their presence on the virtual platform. There are land-based casinos and then there are online casino games. The choice of which one is better depends on the punters. Both have pros and cons, so there is no clear choice.

Some punters believe that the decision depends upon the favor of the odds in each layout. But the games in casinos are never guaranteed so this rule does not give accurate results. An online casino games offers a list to players. The list indicates the return percentage. This segment is not offered in a land-based casino. Because physical casinos have certain restrictions as their sole purpose is to entice the audience.

However, there are merits and demerits to both sectors. This blog will unravel the pros and cons for the punters to make an informed choice.

Merits of Online Casino Games


There are multiple benefits of using online portals for playing casinos. The first one is the liberty of playing the game 24 hours and 365 days. The best part of online casinos is that they can be played from the convenience of the punters.


Second, the invention of mobile casinos has enabled punters to play casino games from anywhere on the globe. This is majorly due to several countries considering wagering an illegal act. Therefore, mortar or physical land casinos do not exist in these countries.


Third, All the online casinos offer multiple types of bonuses. These are some attractive offers for punters to participate in the game. Land-based ones usually do not offer these bonuses other than the winning payouts.

Multiples games

Fourth, today every online portal has multiple gambling options, just like any physical mortar. From blackjack to roulette and sports gambling. All of these are used by online software providers.

Demerits of Online Casino Games


All the online portals require the punter’s payment details. There are high chances of certain fraudulent activities taking place. Today online casino games accept all modes of payments like cards, cryptocurrency, and bank transfers. The players get skeptical at certain times to try out a new portal due to this reason.


There is a top-notch vibe created in mortar casinos. There is live music, alcohol, and a wide spread of dishes. This keeps the punter in the mood of playing constantly which enables the casino house to gain an advantage.

Merits of Land Based Casino Games

Glitz and Glam

There is no way to beat the glam of an offline casino. The dealer and fellow punters are right in front and the true experience of gambling is witnessed.

On-time cash-outs

A plus point is that the punters can withdraw their winnings immediately. As compared to online casinos, wherein the pay-outs take time depending on the type of payment method. An anticipated period will take around 1-2 weeks. Also, the punters have no fear of compromising their financial details.

Demerits of Land Based Casino Games

Space constraints

Like the online casinos, offline ones can not accommodate every punter. This is obviously because there are limitations to the number of people a particular area can withhold. Along with this, a particular land-based casino will never be able to cater to punters from countries where casinos are banned.

Betting limit

The offline casinos have a higher limit to start wagering. This is a discomfort for many gamblers as not everyone can offer to provide such an extensive amount. This directly impacts the deposit amount as well.

Slow pace

The offline casino operates at a very slow rate as there are multiple players seated right in front of the dealers. Their factors like card shuffling, changes in dealers, and players’ discomfort impact the speed of the game drastically.

Final Words

Looking at the list of advantages and drawbacks of offline and online casino games shows the latter is better than the former. The gaming experience matters the most. Irrespective of the portal or place chosen. Players who do not have much experience will find online portals ideal for them.

Likewise, an elite player would like to gamble in a sophisticated casino environment. For them, the land-based casino seems to be more relevant. At the end of the day, it is the player’s investment in the game. The gamblers need to choose the best suitable option for them.

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