Crickex vs Mostplay – Which is the best choice for Indian Punters?

If you had to choose Crickex vs MostPlay to start betting at a beginner or an expert level, both rule with the distinction of the Indian Online gambling. But when we consider every detail, feature, and payment method as well as pros and cons, then we might get the exact superiority between these 2 platforms. So you must understand what these both platforms offer you and according to that, you can shape your decision.

CRICKEX: Established Ace for Variety Seekers

Before delving into the conclusion of Crickex vs MostPlay and to conclude, you will have to understand and know these criteria that crickex offers:

Sports Buffet

You will be astonished by the Crickex menu of sports, offered with various games to play like Football, Basketball, Kabaddi or Tennis.  Everything is very well maintained here. However, Cricket remains the Star of the Sports category.  At the same time, other sports will offer you a refreshing feel and help you to explore your hidden talent.

Live Match Mania

It would be an awesome experience to witness the roar of the crowd from the comfort of your place! your screen! Also, Crickex offers you free Cricket Live Streaming. As a result, you will immerse yourself completely in the action of major matches. Accordingly, your betting experience is enhanced with a complete thrill.

Odds on Point

Crickex provides you with competitive odds or probabilities on popular cricket matches. Also, it ensures your potential winnings stay consistent.

The Continued Legacy

You might have heard of the famous saying “Old is Gold” and that is similar to Crickex’s Reputation. Firstly, Cricket holds a longer track record in the industry and has attained trust amongst many punters. Therefore, it proposes a  depth of reliability.

Mostplay is better than Crickex

Here are a few criteria based on which it can be determined that Mostplay offers satisfactory services when compared to Crickex:

Payment Method

If it is Crickex vs Mostplay, then the Mostplay deposit and withdrawal options compared to Crickex will leave you satisfied. However, the opinion might vary depending upon the user’s mentality and convenience preferred. Some users might prefer Crickex whereas the other set of people like Mostplay.

Both Crickex and Mostplay accept many wider payment methods like UPI, net banking, and cryptocurrencies.

Indian Flavor Missing

Although Crickex offers the best services in cricket. However, Mostplay is a bit ahead of Crickex providing Indian Casino games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar, thereby gaining a great population from India which is the world’s 2nd largest country.

Bonus Blitz Bonanza elsewhere

When it comes to offering bonuses and promotions. Then Crickex becomes slightly conservative. Whereas you will find more attractive offers on the Mostplay platform. People’s mindset gets attracted towards more rewards, bonuses, and freebies. Hence, Mostplay has got the pulse of the audience and successfully attracted its huge user base.

MostPlay: The Rising Star of Desi Delights

We have looked at what Crickex offers and a few factors which it lacks in comparison to Mostplay. But before getting to the conclusion of Crickex vs MostPlay and to conclude, you will have to understand and know these criteria that Mostplay offers:

Cricket Trust

If you crave the thrill of every six or a slip catch, then definitely MostPlay is your harbor or hub. However, Indian cricket is prioritized specifically which ensures to provide in-depth coverage and valuable insights for the fans into the betting opportunities. Additionally, it guides to a strong cricket-focussed community.

Casino Conquering

One of the best things about Mostplay is that it lets you dive into the vibrant world of Indian casinos of classic versions like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. Also, along with MostPlay’s dedicated offerings.

Bonus Fiesta

You will get into the party mood as MostPlay showers newcomers with abundant welcome bonuses, free bets, and loyalty programs. Therefore Mostplay keeps your betting journey fueled with excitement.

Seamless Navigation

Surely, you will fall in love with MostPlay’s user-friendly interface. However, placing bets and navigating the platform happens like a matter of breeze. Therefore, Mostplay is ideal for both seasoned punters as well as newcomers.

Crickex vs Mostplay: Factors that prove MostPlay isn’t without its shadows

Sports Solitary

If you are a cricket lover who craves variety beyond the cricket pitch then Mostplay will disappoint you with its limited sports coverage. Therefore you will feel very restricted and frustrated at times.

Streaming Blackout

Here is another minus point to consider. That is not having Live Streaming within the app. Hence, it means to catch the Live action you will have to venture outside the MostPlay domain.

Newer Name on the Pitch

Compared to Crickex’s established presence, MostPlay is a rising star. While their user reviews are positive, the brand’s relative youth might raise trust concerns for some.


Overall, it is important to know that as a coin has two sides, both these platforms- Crickex and MostPlay have their pros and cons.

Finally, all that I would say is the winner of crickex vs mostplay betting platforms completely depends on your personal preferences. Consider your priorities:

Variety & Live Streaming: Crickex reigns supreme.

Indian Delights & Bonuses: MostPlay takes the trophy.

Brand Trust: Crickex might hold an edge for some.

Always Remember to maintain responsible gambling. Therefore, you must only bet when you can truly afford to risk that money that you gamble. So, thrill is a must but enjoy it responsibly!

However, the above analysis will help you choose the perfect platform according to your gambling or punting style!

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