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Online casino and gambling is one of the most popular and favorite virtual entertainment for bettors across the globe. Online casino games consist of multiple elements that are aimed at boosting the adrenaline level of the players. Crazy time is one such fun element available on almost all live casinos such as Crickex. Most players love to opt for playing in this Crazy Time because it helps them enjoy the game and earn a lump sum amount of money. The money prize amount varies and it could be even up to 10 times the deposit. The Crazy Time game was first introduced by Todd Haushalter in 2020. Crazy time is one of the most hyped games on online casinos and the RTP is so good that it has rightly lived up to the hype.

Crazy Time Game Strategy

Before we move on into the best hacks that can help you win crazy times, it is vital to analyze the structure of the game. Crazy time is a multi tier game and has several facets. Apart from the main game, the players are after the bonus rounds that offer the best prizes. However, the most frequent and popular way to earn money on Crazy Times is through “numbers”. Talking about the returns on bonus bets, Pachinko and Coin Flip have the lowest returns while Cash Hunt is highest.

Crazy Time has decent volatility  and is great if your fortune is not up to the mark. You can use it very quickly to fix your fortune. However, the reverse is also true because you can lose money really fast. Long term profits are possible in the game only if you know the right strategies to deal with the game

How to Play Crazy Time?

As you enter the crazy time game, you should become well accustomed with one central component that is the Crazy TimeWheel. The dealer or the casino presenter will spin the wheel and each new round gets started. As the wheel rotates, it stops at a number such as 1,2,5,10. The wheel could also stop at one of the bonus rounds among the following:

  • Cash Hunt Bonus Round
  • Coin Flip Bonus Round
  • Pachinko Bonus Round
  • Crazy Time Bonus Round

Let us understand what will be the outcomes when the wheel stops at these stops. If the crazy time wheel stops at any number, the player will get a payout equivalent to the number multiplied with the bet amount. Suppose a player has placed 200 INR as the bet and the wheel stops at 5, the payout that the player will receive is 200*5 = 1000 INR. In a nutshell, the payout at the end of each round will be in the form of a multiple of the original bonus bet. The one proven way to enhance win chances of the game is to choose an additional multiplier while you make the Top Slot multiplication. The biggest wins of the game have been through the Top Slot multipliers during Bonus Rounds.

How to Win Crazy Time?

Here are some of the bets strategies to win over the Crazy Time Game like a pro:

Usually the betting time is not very high in the game. The game starts almost after 15 to 20 seconds of bet selection. Players can bet as per their preference but it is difficult to make a choice so fast. It is a matter of clear strategy and fast response that can bring you victory in the game. Winning the Crazy Time game is more challenging and complex than it perhaps seems. There are multiple deciding factors for the game win as well as to stay daunted in the game for a long time. One of them is to understand the rules properly and apply them.

Experts have a bold method for winning over Crazy Times and that is to combine small bets and bonus rounds. Players can start the game by betting small amounts and these will usually fetch small yet sure wins. Along with these players should bet on the bonus rounds because almost all big wins come from the same.

Final Thoughts

Crazy Time is one of the most popular universal casino games and is available on crickex casino platforms. You can play Crazy games on literally any online gambling platform of your choice. It is even available on the offline physical casinos. The game needs some expertise in terms of hacks, especially if you want to win very big.

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