Crickex Bull Bull Casino Online Game Review

Niu Niu, sometimes referred to as Bullfight or Bull Bull. It is a simple game of cards played at live dealer tables in online casinos. It design or focus their offerings for the Asian market. Bull Bull is often referred to be the Chinese equal of poker. Players compete against the casino rather than one another in this game that uses six card decks.

Bull Bull Casino Online Game is a form of traditional card game of poker. It is well-liked in the provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Jiangsu, and Zhejiang. The rules of Bull Bull are the easiest to learn when playing the game.

Rules for Crickex Bull Bull casino

The dealer will pull the first card from the deck and deal it to the players at the table to begin each round of bull bull. The dealer will then draw hands of extra card each for the player 1-2-3 and Banker. The remaining card is deal to decide the sequence by using this card. The bet is made on one of the betting options with the two side bets, Equal and Double, before any of this is done.

Once all the cards is deal, hands are compared and evaluated. The dealer will then show the cards in the same order that they were dealt. The bet with the best hand wins, and the payoff is made by the payout table. Although dealing cards face down is a much more common strategy. And adds a sense of surprise and tension to the game. Certain versions may enable the dealer to draw the cards face up.

How to play Crickex Bull Bull online casino game?

There is one Banker, three Players, and Bull Bull online Casino. To put it another way, there are three seats and three betting alternatives. You must bet before any card dealing can begin. Equal and double are the two side bets that are offered to players. The dealer will deal the Banker, the three players, and each of them five cards as the round begins. To determine the payments, the 5-card hands must be rate and compared. After a few sessions, the rating system will feel natural. At first, it seems to be little confusing.

Bull 1, Bull 2, Bull 3, Bull 4, Bull 5, Bull 6, Bull 7, Bull 8, Bull 9, Bull Bull, and 5 Flower Bull. These are the possible hand combinations when playing Bull Bull Casino. According to the game’s rules, the chance of players winning and losing are in tables. The dealt cards stay on the table. But for players who prefer to follow the gameplay that way, there is also a digital presentation.

There are 52 cards in the deck (Joker not included). Deal each player 5 cards each time the game is played. Find three cards totaling 10 or that are multiples of 10. To compare the remaining points with the Banker, the remaining points are then used. If the combined value of the final two cards is higher than 10.

You can choose from a variety of bet types; please see the list below:

First Player: Double and Equal

Player 2: Double and Equal

Player 3: Double and Equal

You must note that “Credit” for Double bets must be greater than 5 times the amount you are betting (bet amount x 5P odds).

Bull Bull Casino Players’ Key Advantages

A card game called Bull Bull or Bullfight needs green tables to play. Giving players a true casino experience. You don’t need to travel to Asia to play at Bull Bull online Casino. Because the host are Asian dealers and has a Macau-like vibe. One of the primary features of the game is its quick rhythm because the cards are revealed as soon as they are dealt. Seeing that it is one of the newest additions to Asia Gaming Live Casino.

  • A distinct card game that demands strategic thinking
  • Excellent live feed that fills the entire screen, no specifics are required
  • The cards on the table are visible because to their digital image.
  • A variety of languages are available for the interface layout for players.
  • Even on a mobile device, fast rounds and able dealers make for an engaging game.

First Card: The dealer deals the “First Card” at the beginning of each game round. Choose the dealing position based on the “First Card’s rank. (Starting at Dealer and moving counterclockwise)

Dealing is done in a counterclockwise way.

Players must select the highest-ranking card from the pool of five cards to compare. If their scores are equal at any stage during the game. The one with the highest-ranking card is the winner. Players must compare the suit if the points and rank are same.


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