Crickex Andar Bahar game: Win Huge Prize Money! 100% Guaranteed

Playing the Crickex Andar Bahar game is completely safer. You will experience many easy-to-use features, special bonus schemes and the opportunity to earn freely and legally.

The game Andar Bahar is a Indian traditional card game which purely depends on luck. Many people wonder whether they must follow different strategies, methods, and rules to play Andar Bahar online and offline games. The rules remain unchanged.

Andar Bahar game was originated in Bangalore. It is known by different names across India such as “Maang Patta”, “Mangatha”, “Katti”  and “Ulle Veliya” (Tamil).

The Hindi word “Andar” means “inside” and “Bahar” signifies “outside”. Playing the Crickex Andar Bahar game is not at all difficult. Rather, it is easier to understand how to play inside out.

Especially in countries like India, people believe that gambling is illegal. However, the Indian constitution has made online casinos legal if it is hosted beyond its borders.

Andar Bahar is one such type of gambling that requires excellent strategy and experience to play the game. Therefore, you should choose reputed online betting platforms like Crickex to know how to play Andar Bahar and earn smartly. Specifically, Android users can install the Crickex app from verified sources. Mainly, you will have the best gaming experience, secured and fast transactions as well as explore many lucrative bonuses and promotions through the mobile application.

How to play Crickex Andar Bahar game: Understanding the Basic rules

If you’re excited to play the Crickex Andar Bahar game, it is essential to understand the game’s basic rules before you create an account and participate in contests.

In the online version of the Andar Bahar game, only the cards to the right and left side of the main card have stacks. You can place bets on one of the two piles of cards a dealer forms during the game. Whether you’re playing online or offline as a player, you should confirm the minimum and maximum bets in advance along with the dealer.

The game begins when the dealer shuffles the deck and one card as “Joker”. The two sides of the betting are denoted as “in” and “out”.

Usually, players commence the Andar Bahar game with a regular 52-deck card. Any number of participants can play the game and sit in a circle around the dealer.

Your main goal in the game is to discover the winning pile. It can be either the outer pile (Bahar) or the inner stack (Andar). Once a dealer places a card from the deck facing upwards, a player can receive cards in two different piles one after the other.

In other words, if the first card is facing outside after the dealer turns it over and the second card is red, then the first card is laid on an outside pile. Until a card is revealed with the same rank, the dealing of cards progresses with the card that is currently in the middle.

The game concludes if one of the cards dealt is identical to the first card placed in the middle of the table.

Bettors who place bets on the pile are the winners when the matching card appears. On the other side, the other players lose the contest.

Special Bonuses to participate in Crickex Andar Bahar Game

Crickex offers many special bonuses to participate in table games like Andar Bahar. By using these popular bonuses, you can amplify your funds to participate in the Crickex Andar Bahar Game:

  • Birthday Bonus: To make your birthday much more special, Crickex offers a special bonus of INR 1,000. You can claim the bonus if you have deposited INR 5,000 in the previous 3 months.
  • Weekly Lucky Draw: Crickex announces the winners of the prize draw weekly, during the active promotions. Particularly, the promotion opens every Monday. You can enter the prize pool upon receiving a ticket, with every deposit of INR 1,000. Interestingly, you can win brand-new mobile devices. The concept is SIMPLE! You will receive additional tickets for more deposits you make.
  • Refer a friend Bonus: You can invite your friend to register at Crickex using your referral link and you both can claim a bonus of INR 200. But, you need to fulfil the criteria of depositing at least INR 1,000 and an overall turnover of INR 5,000 in 5 days after registration. In such conditions, you will be eligible to invite your friend.

Gift Point Exchange:

For every INR 500 or 1000, you spend in Andar Bahar as well as other table and slot games, you will a gift in the form of a promo point. You can use this promo point to convert the offer into real cash. However, you can unlock the redemption only after you have attained a maximum of 50 points. Moreover, there isn’t any maximum limit to the amount you can redeem or access

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