Crazy Time vs Sweet Bonanza Candyland – Game Show

One thing is becoming clear as more and more software vendors hop on the newest trend in live casinos. The Game Show live casino games have finally arrived.

To be sure, this kind of game has long had a specific market. But it appears that it’s become a staple in most of live dealer lobby’s. But, every book has an own tone and unique ideas. We love to see innovation and creativity in these games because there is so much room for it.

To learn more about what makes the top game shows at live casinos unique. Let’s compare crazy time and sweet bonanza candyland.

Crazy Time

Live casino games are spice up with special features and risky, original bets. Although a strong special bet can make the game stand out, most players don’t care about it.

Crazy Time, yet, ended up with as many “regular” bet as it did “special” bets. The main focus is on entertainment, thrills, and seeing something new with each turn of the wheel. Which is a vital factor to take into account. It is a striking change from what was once thought of as typical live table gambling game design.

Funny enough, the effects are still felt in this particular sector of the industry. The special bets have to be the key element of any successful casino Game Show because of this as well. Also, these features are what set one apart from the other and are what we’re going to focus on when comparing them.

One of the more creative factors is Cash Hunt, which offers players a virtual shooting range. With a 95.27% RTP, this level of interaction was once unheard of in the live dealer casino sector.

With a 95.70% RTP, the Coin Flip uses a simple 50/50 flip to decide a multiplier on the players’ bet.

Another unique minigame that ended up creating lots of rivals is pachinko. A ball dropped down with the look of a labyrinth, collecting multipliers as it goes. Crazy Time Pachinko has an RTP of 94.33%.

Every player can select one of three points in the wheel-within-a-wheel-like Crazy Time Bonus Round. Then, based on these, stackable multipliers and potential respins are chosen. Which allow some of the game’s highest payouts. It’s one of the most loved Crazy Time features, with active gameplay and a 94.41% RTP.

Sweet Bonanza Candyland – New Competitors

Money wheel games gained popularity, and rivals started collecting notes. The newest entry into the genre at the time this post was being written is Pragmatic Play’s.

Anyone familiar with the wide live casino portfolio will right away notice how this game draws inspiration from Evolution. Like Crazy Time, the Sweet Bonanza Candyland game is huge, vibrant, and colorful. It is also more often profitable at 96.48% RTP, yet at the expense of providing less interaction.

But this game bears a people stamp from Pragmatic Play. Sweet Spins, which functions like a mini-slot game, is its most prominent feature. It makes fair that Pragmatic Play is linked with online slot games. Also, the original Sweet Bonanza game is a slot machine.

There are still benefits despite the decreased interaction. It is a lot more like to the TV game show experience than the Wheel of Fortune casino games were meant to be. As a result, choosing between Crazy Time and Sweet Bonanza Candyland depends on how involved you want to be. With Pragmatic Play’s service, it’s simple to relax, turn on autobet, and take in the show. Not that there isn’t any interaction present, though.

Pachinko and Bonus Round from Crazy Time are somewhat combined in Candy Drop. The maze works in the same way. Except you get to choose which of three candies that fall determines your payment.

A straight-up multiplier called Sugar Bomb add to the next spin. Although you can pay to boost it, it is the least appealing of these features.

The main attraction of Candyland is the mini-slot called Sweet Spins. You receive ten or more spins along with a symbol-tumbling method.


It should be clear from our comparison of Crazy Time and Sweet Bonanza Candyland why you might prefer one game to the other. It’s vital to realize that there are other markets for creative, interesting live dealer game show games. To begin with, many simple options keep to the basic number bets. In this post, we have chosen not to compare them. In other words, Crazy Time and Sweet Bonanza Candyland are direct competitors because of their focus on special features.

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