Crazy Pachinko Live by Evolution Rules & Gameplay

There is no way that gambling enthusiasts are not yet in love with the fabulous casino games from Evolution Gaming. Evolution gaming is up with their all new highly anticipated game the Crazy Pachinko game. As the name suggests, the game is a live casino slot game with all the unique features from the most acclaimed Crazy Time game from Evolution gaming software. The Crazy Pachinko game is a unique blend of the best features of the live casino slot game and the bonus round from Crazy time game.

Crazy Pachinko Game – Basics

The one main reason why fans are going head over heels to try this game is the high end RTP of it. The game is currently offering a RTP of 96.05%. The minimum bet of the game is 10 INR while the maximum wager is 1000 INR. The game being released in 2023 is available both for your desktop and mobiles.

The Crazy Pachinko live casino game operates mostly like an online slot game. The players get all the benefits of a love slot game including playing at their own pace. It is the ultimate live dealer game. Evolution has worked to exclude several traditional glitches associated with live casino slot games. The features of live slot games without the glitches of the same – a fantastic combo to try out. The idea is to combine the best of both the universes – slots and game show.

Here are the primary features of the Crazy Pachinko Live game:

  • The innovative characteristics of the game is a perfect blend of the slot games and casino show game.
  • Professional approach with three distinct hierarchical tiers – Qualification, Top-Up and Bonus tier. These rounds are paced appropriately for the players to showcase their best skills.
  • The bonus round is highly inspired by the Crazy Time Live Bonus round , a pre-existing live casino game that has been a massive hit among the players.
  • The live section of the Crazy Pachinko game is extremely colorful, exhibiting and loaded with attractive features that will make anyone want to gamble on it and nevertheless have their best time.
  • The game is available 24X7 in an HD version and the player can practically control all the aspects of the game. It makes the player feel independent and play with greater enthusiasm.


Now that we know most aspects of the game, let us understand how to play the game. The gameplay is not very easy but once you can delve into the basics, it gets easier to master the process:

The play resembles that of Crazy Coin Flip. The slot players in today’s casino world are well accustomed with the live casino slots of the Playtech games which have become almost the standard for the modern casino games. Now let us understand about the gameplay of each of the phases

Understanding Crazy Pachinko Game

The game starts with the Qualification phase. You will first witness a simple online slot machine. At this stage the game is not really a live game and almost like a normal slot game. There are no dealers or presenters at this stage and it is almost like the classic casino slot game that the player can do at their own pace. It is important to understand that players can get up to the next phase only when they pass this phase.

The next tier of the game is the Top Up phase. This game is quite similar to the previous round and can hardly be known as the live section of the game. The idea of this phase of the game is to collect points for the next upcoming bonus phase. It is an intermediate round to enhance your gameplay.

Bonus Round is the final game round. This is the big round of the entire gameplay. This one is essentially an upgrade of the Crazy Time game. This is the phase where the “Live” part of the game comes into play. Unlike the results of the previous phases of the game; the results of this part is not determined by the RNG, instead it operates ;ike a real time casino live game presented by the dealers.

Best Strategies for Winning Crazy Pachinko Game

  • The base bet of the game has to be fixed during the qualification phase and it cannot be changed later on. Ensure to place it wisely.
  • Make use of the Multipliers on the Scatters as they highly improve the gameplay
  • Winning fast is never the goal, instead winning big is the idea.

Get started with the fun filled Crazy Pachinko game

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