Crash Casino Games – Features, RTP, and Payouts

Crash gambling that centers around multiple genres of crash casino games is a thrilling online gambling mode.This betting involves excitement, strategical playing and luck. The players place a bet on a game multiplier. The greater is the multiplier, the higher is the payout. However, the game involves potential risk of loss as is evident from the name. The entire gameplay could collapse without any prior information and you could lose it all.

The trick or expertise lies in knowing when to ideally cash out from the game such that the crash cannot affect your wager. It is a combination of intuition, timed strategic decisions and experience that helps to win the game. Crash gambling is the truest form of gambling that involves adrenaline rush. However, the games are a bit complex and demand the players to understand the game basics thoroughly before delving into it.

Basics of Crash Casino Games

The primary goal of crash casino games is the prediction. You have to predict the appropriate time to make the bet and win the optimal amount of money while avoiding a crash. The tried and tested algorithm method in crash gambling determines reasonable, fair and random results that are impartial. You can often get confused with the crash gambling graph as it exactly resembles that of a stock market. Crash gambling is extremely popular among crypto players because players can wager on the cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Crash casino games are unbiased ensuring everyone has an equal chance of winning.

Here are some of the pivotal terms that you must acquaint yourselves with before playing Crash casino games:

Multiplier Line

The starting game multiplier is set to 1X. This line gets up gradually as the player starts the game. The amount of winning and the rise in the game is mostly dependent on the multiplier. As the game progresses the ,ultipier value rises fairly enough. The speed of rise is determined by a computer generated algorithm.


Players will choose their desired betting amount using cryptocurrency. There is no hard and fast rule regarding betting amounts.

Cash Out

During any time of the game, the players can choose to cash out, that is withdraw their bet amount and winnings. It is the specific multiplier value at the time of cash out that will determine the winning value. The real trick is to determine the timing of this cash out


Finally, the term that gives birth to the gambling genre – Crash. As you can well understand, crash is the primary feature of crash casino games. Crash is an inevitable moment in the game when the multiplier will crash down to 1X that is the starting point. If this happens, all the bets that were involved in the game only then and had not been cashed out, will be lostThe game actually relies on mathematical understanding that is difficult to understand but relies on hash codes to prevent any type of discrepancy.

More About Crash Casino Games

Crash casino games are often regarded as new age gambling and are taking the world by storm. With a very high RTP of 97% to 99% on almost all games, this genre of gambling is fun. The player keeps on betting on the multiplier until it crashes. The expertise of the player lies in cashing it out before the crash.

However, when choosing crash gambling games, you should also look out for the volatility percentage of the game. This is significant to determine the risk percentage and variance in payout of the games. Crash casino games are volatile and risky but fair. Most algorithms of the crash casino games are random and support complete fairness of the game’s outcomes.

The players use multiple gaming strategies such as stop loss strategy, early cash out and using automated cash out points to help them win better. Crash gambling is legal in almost every country of the world. Crash gambling can be done anonymously that enhances player’s security and privacy.

Final Words

The primary ambition in the game of Crash gambling is to predict and understand the ideal time to cash out the bet. This will not only help the player maximize their winnings but also to retain their winnings and not be involved in the spiral of loss. That is in simple terms your goal should be to prevent or avoid a crash. Some of the most played and highly profitable crash gambling games are offered by sites such as Crickex, Jeetwin, Marvelbet, Mostplay, Betvisa and 1xbet

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