Craps Dice Control: Can You Control What You Roll?

When your money is stake and building worth depends on the roll of a dice, the very first thing that might come into your mind is whether you have any control over the dice roll.  Yes, we all have this thought in our mind whenever we’re playing any dice-based casino game, especially like Craps. 

 But, is it possible to control the dice? If you’ve such doubts, we’re going to help you out with this. 

What is Craps Dice Control? 

Dice control in Craps is a controversial theory allowing individuals to influence the outcome of a dice.  It involves various dice rolling techniques such as gripping, tossing, and controlling the bounce of a dice roll in a way that the outcome favours a player or a group. Chris Pawlicki and Jerry L. Patterson have even developed the PARR course on dice control. 

Not only this, The History Channel even produced an episode on Craps dice control in their series, Breaking Vegas. When we talk about dice control, we mainly refer to setting the dice in a way that dice produce a desirable result, when thrown on their horizontal axis. 

There are mainly two types of throwing techniques used for getting desired results in a Craps dice roll. The first technique is gripping. Most of the believers of Craps dice control trick hold the dice side-by-side and form a dice grip using three fingers overhand the dice while the thumb is at the back of the dice.  

The second type of grip used in dice throws is the swinging arm motion. According to this throwing technique, dealers or players will swing their arms back, forward, up and down to control the backspin of the dice. The core idea behind this throwing technique is to realise the dice at the correct time at a correct angle, mainly 45 degrees, and at a correct axis, mainly a horizontal axis. 

This type of highly calculated dice throw allows the dice to go at the far end of the table and hit below the bottom pyramid of rows so that its randomness is reduced as much as possible.  

In addition to these throwing techniques, there are a few more considerations that players believe help in getting specific dice roll outcomes.  For instance: 

  • Hitting the dice at a specific table spot and stance can result in ineffective throwing. 
  • The angle at which you will pick the dice also determines whether the dice will stand flat or collide. 
  • Both the Craps dice should be grabbed with equal force to avoid the slipping. 
  • How fast you spin the dice spin and how many revolutions it takes also determines the outcomes of the dice. 
  • The dice bounce also influences the outcomes. If you want to control the dice outcome, you need to bounce the balls harder and higher. 

Using these throw techniques, some punters believe that they can produce desired outcomes of a Craps dice roll. 

Does Craps Dice Control Work 

While a group of punters have a firm belief that controlling Craps dice is possible, logical interpretation of the techniques brings a few facts about it to the surface. For instance: 

  • Both land-based and online casinos have designed craps tables in a way that players will have hardly any control over the dice roll. In online casinos, you play again a computerized machine and you have no hold on it because online Craps games use advanced and modern RNGs to produce outcomes.  
  • In a land-based casino, Craps dice are rolled by a dealer, who represents the casino, not an individual. These dealers will have no special motives to favour a specific player. 
  • The mathematics of achieving a meaningful advantage through dice control is daunting. Even with perfect control over the horizontal axis of the dice, the probability of winning is only around 66% – far from a sure thing.
  • Attempts to build robots that can repeatedly throw the dice the same way have failed, as the dice still end up with random outcomes. This suggests it is unlikely a human can achieve meaningful dice control. 

Final Say 

Craps Dice control is just a theory. In reality, Craps is just like any other online casino game where luck dominates everything else. Hence, it’s not wise to expect a victory using dice control. You just need to select a reliable online or land-based casino to play Craps for real money, follow the rules, bet wisely, and leave everything to luck. Expecting great results by following the dice control technique seems a sheer waste of time and effort. 

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