Could Bingo Become an Olympic Sport Games?

The Olympics event is a dream of every sports person. People assume it to be a peak point in their sporting career. Olympics consist of players from different sports coming under one ground to compete with each other. Over the past decades, the rest of the audience has witnessed multiple legends of the sports culture. For example, in 1960, Ethiopian runner Abebe Bikila was barefoot when he ran the marathon. The Olympics is known for the pride of the sports players because adding the game of Bingo to the line-up seems a little absurd.

However fancy that sounds, the idea is entirely ignored by the committee. Today, there are several games under the e-sports section. Those players are now looking forward to making those sports a part of the Olympics, despite the fact that in 2016, Mecca bingo company raised a petition for Bingo to fit on the Olympic roster. But the news had broken out on 1st April, and folks assumed it to be a joke.

Even though all these preposterous claims are never-ending, there are possibilities of Bingo being on the Olympic roster. This blog will help in understanding the rules and the value addition clause.

What are the rules of the International Olympics?

In order for a sport to become a part of the Olympics, there are specific requirements that a particular sport needs to clear. Post which, the International committee approves the sport. To begin with, an event needs to be organized to establish the International Federation. Their primary role is to involve the anti-doping protocols. The IO committee proclaims that they comprehend the limitations and rules for the evolution of these games.

Could Bingo Make it?

It is a mere fact that Bingo as a game is not very physically challenging in comparison with other sports like boxing or running. But it is a mind game like Chess. Despite the game being more popular than Chess itself, Bingo is still unlikely to get a spot on the Olympic roster. The issue of priority is that the International Federation is obsolete. This issue needs a resolution because it is a significant aspect of the governing rules to add a new sport to the Olympics.

The Criteria Involved in Making an Olympic Sport

Publicity Stunts

There is doubt in the mind of the committee, thinking that the campaign by Mecca was a clear marketing scheme. This violates the integrity clause. Because the publisher of those tweets acted in that manner. Since the actual incident took place on 31st March 2016, and the tweet broke out on 1st April. However, they got very few likes and retweets. This indicates that it was an advertising blunder from their side.

Does Bingo bring any Value Addition?

During the selection of a particular sport, the committee needs to see if that sport brings any value to the public. This factor became lopsided for Bingo because the representative from Mecca said that any average person could be a part of the Olympics and make the event more enticing. There is no need for exhausting training. This showed that there is no respect and nullified interest.

Olympic Inclusion

The Bingo company Mecca had given a letter stating that Bingo is a game for people with an alert mind, eye for detail skills, and people with sports spirits. Post the proposal for Bingo’s inclusion in the Olympics of 2020, which got postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, Mecca insisted that Bingo deserves a chance.

The Bridge application was denied as there was no such physical activity in the game. A similar thing would be in the picture of a visit to the local hall of Bingo. It was suggested that adding The Ringing World game to the Olympics demands plenty of physical movements. And this was an accurate sounding decision for the committee members.


Moving towards the end, we get to realize the amount of authenticity the International Olympics sports carry. To be a part of the Olympics is a fortune not given to many sports. There are so many factors that impact such a new event. Sports players spend their entire life training and becoming worthy of that platform.

One of the games to be involved in the Olympics is Bingo. It certainly is one game of mind tricks, but as seen above, it is not considered accurate for the Olympics yet. The Bingo lovers are waiting to make their dream come true.

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