Cheat Codes For Slot Machines – Do They Exist?

Slot Machines are the most profitable game in casinos. There are huge payouts available in the slots and there is no secret that slot machines are a game between cheaters and the house.

Every other player is excited to know if there are any cheat slots available. There are a lot of options for hitting the buttons and inserting coins in a sequence to get an instant jackpot. In this article, we will see some of the most popular tricks people have been using for years. Cheaters are using advanced technology tools and devices to steal money from the slot machines. We don’t recommend you to use any of the cheating methods. These devices are made to manipulate specific aspects of a slot such as its RNG algorithm.

Following are the cheat codes used by cheaters for years

Real Life Cheat Code

In casinos, there are various gambling authorities that enable the industry to work according to rules and regulations. All the gaming machines are designed in such a way that they are easy to monitor during a game.But still cheat codes are popular in gambling. Some years ago, a popular engineer who created the gambling machine scammed the device. He cheated the machine knowing the source code for years until his wife won $100000 in casino in 1995. So, yes cheat codes exist but you need to be very smart to do this.     

Ronald D Harris was hired by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to check the source code used by slot machines for any potential flaws.

Ronald cheats the whole code by dropping the following coins in sequence:

  • Three coins
  • Two coins
  • Two coins
  • One coin
  • Three coins
  • Five coins

His cheat codes for slot machines guarantee a large payout for each game, making his $48K annual salary seem like peanuts.

Ronald gets partnered with his one friend Reid to avoid unwanted attention from other people. While playing, Reid got caught by the managers and police were called then ultimately Ronald’s rigging equipment was visible to all officers who entered the room.

Some Other Cheat Codes To Hack The Slots

Except Ronald Harris, there were so many people who discovered different ways to cheat the house.


Devices and slot machines are usually made of metals and magnet is a way that people use to cheat. With Attractive magnetic force,  cheaters can manipulate the reels by making the high-paying reels land on the payline. This type of cheating is only possible if there are reels in the machine.

Shaved Coin

There are certain coin sensors already installed on the machines. Shaved coin method helps the cheaters to trick the coin sensors in the device.   Shaved coins allow a cheater to trick a slot machine’s sensor that they dropped a legitimate and illegitimate coin. With this trick, criminals can get free spins continuously. Manufacturers of slot machines are already aware about this fault and players can take the advantage easily.

With the advanced growing technology, manufacturers are using modern light sensors to fully scan both surfaces of a coin. New light sensors can prevent any cheaters from getting free spins by using a fake coin

Computer Chip Replacement

We all are aware about the term reverse engineering. Few years ago, one slot machine hacker Dennis Nikrasch got a brilliant idea to hack slot machines with reverse engineering. He took a slot machine to his home and found a chip inside it. That chip was responsible for determining when to reward a player the jackpot prize. It took him 8 years to implement the whole cheating process with some fellow cheaters. They managed to steal $3.7 million in just one night. Unfortunately, one of his team members was angry at the small share and decided to complain about Dennis to the authorities.

Cheat Codes For Online Slots

With The growing technology, cheaters are continuously finding new ways to cheat on casinos. Slot machines get hacked online with a phone to know When the RNG Favors the player. With a screen recorder, their phone will capture the whole game that helps the cheater to analyze the pattern.

But now, with advanced security measures there are so many guidelines that are into strict actions. And good casino platforms utilize Smart AI to avoid such hacking.

Slot cheat codes and other hacks are only possible if there is unseen opening of the slot machines. But, today casinos are taking smart steps to avoid such kind of cheating.

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