Cash or Crash Live Casino Game Review & Strategy

Either take the money or take a chance on the Cash or Crash Live by Evolution is a live dealer casino game that will be available to online gamblers by 2021. It has a return to player rate of 99.59%, a minimum bet of $0.10, and a maximum bet of $1,000. This game is the newest live casino game from Evolution. It is based on popular TV shows.

Evolution is the clear leader in the live casino game at this point. The creativity we’ve seen from their studio over the past few years has been nothing short of amazing. Cash or Crash, Evolution’s new smash hit, is discussed.

Review of Live Cash or Crash:

Either take the money or take a chance on the crash. Evolution Gaming, one of the biggest names in the software business, has made a new live casino game show called Live by Evolution. Its idea and structure are completely new and different from anything else on the market. Cash or Crash uses cutting-edge augmented reality technology to put users in charge of a virtual airship. Only the bravest climbers can find the 20-step staircase that leads to the huge prizes buried high in the air.

The casino game Cash or Crash is similar to Crazy Time and Monopoly but doesn’t have the famous money wheel. Looking closely, you can see the same landscape moving in the background! The thing that makes these games stand out is the work completing to give the players a memorable time.

There is nothing like Cash or Crash, so giving it a try is a good use of your money. And since the RTP is so high (99.59%), you won’t lose much money if you don’t like it.

A Live Playing Guide to Cash or Crash:

In Cash or Crash Live, players try to climb a ladder of rewards without crashing the blimp. Although, you’ll need the balls we discussed above to do this. So, let’s look at how the game’s 28 balls are spread out and what they’re good for.

  • If you get 19 green balls, you will move up one spot on the reward ladder.
  • If you get 8 red balls, the balloon will pop, and the game will be over.
  • One yellow ball gives you an extra life and makes you more likely to win.

Cash or Crash is an exciting live casino game that moves quickly. Players only need to place a single bet to get in on the action, which can be anywhere from €0.20 to €2,500. After you’ve made your bet and the host of the game show, dressed as a blimp attendant, has made some light-hearted small talk, the first ball will be shown.

When you find a Green Ball, you’ll move up one step on the multiplier scale and be given one of the options shown in bold below. (Once a winning ball is shown, you’ll get one.) Evolution’s developers have also added a helpful percentage meter that you can use to determine the likely different outcomes before making a choice. The green ball is harder to hit as you move up the ladder, and the red ball is harder to hit as you move down the ladder.

Gambling Methodology:

There is No Poor Profit:

There is no such thing as a bad profit, so any profit is great. Using this betting strategy, you should wait to start collecting your winnings until after the first green ball is drawn. If the golden ball is the first one you get, you must play until the first green.

  • Even though the first winning multi is only 1.2X, this is the second best way to play Cash or Crash, according to the RTP.
  • Even though it’s clear that big wins aren’t possible, this is a safe and steady way to build up your bankroll over time.

Betting To Break Even:

The name of this strategy tells you what it’s all about: it’s denoting to reduce your risk of losing while still giving you a chance to win a lot of money. The whole point of that kind of bet is to keep half of the money from each successful round. You get a free roll if you win a bunch of times in a row (by pulling green balls). Now is the time to decide how long to play based on how much you want to risk.

The “All-Or-Nothing” System of Gambling:

Games have always had dangerous characters. Because of this, they should use this way to bet. The main idea is to keep betting the same amount after each green ball instead of taking wins at earlier stages to get to level 20. If you go this way, you should know that you could get rich. But, you should also prepare to lose money.


Even though Cash or Crash Live doesn’t have a bonus round, players will still have to decide if they should keep what they’ve won so far or try to win even more. We want you to use the % meter, so please do. If the odds are against you, you might want to cash in your chips and leave before you end up right where you started. The really big wins in this game will only be possible for people with nerves of steel. As you move up the reward ladder, your chances of hitting a winning ball go down, but if you can hit the lucky yellow ball at the top, the odds may start to work in your favor.

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