Bonus Spin Blackjack – Why Should You Care About It?

When it comes to casinos, be it online or land-based, blackjack is a game that most people prefer, and that stands out. It is mainly because of all games. Blackjack is easy to understand and play. Also, the strategies used in blackjack are very beginner-friendly and have a reduced probability of loss if the right strategy is chosen.

But do you know that blackjack can also come with bonuses? Yes, these are possible. However, of all the blackjack variants, bonus spin blackjack is the one that stands out. Let us find out why:


If you know blackjack, then bonus spin blackjacks are easier to understand. Blackjack, accompanied by a bonus spin, is called bonus spin blackjack. It is an exciting option that allows players to win a progressive increment of various cash prizes. It gives the players two opportunities to win the game:

1. They win if one of their first two given cards is an ace. If this possibility occurs, then the prize money is even.

2. If their cards are dealt a blackjack, they will spin a virtual wheel by pressing a button. This spin lets them win various cash prizes, including a top prize.

Hence, this allows the already interesting blackjack to be even more interesting to play.

How to Play Bonus Spin Blackjack:

Now, if you are wondering whether spin blackjack is any different in gameplay style than the regular blackjack, then read through to find out more:

The first step is to make a normal wager for the blackjack. Then players have the opportunity to wager for the bonus spin blackjack. After this, the game is played like the usual blackjack, where each person gets two cards. If one of the two cards is an ace, the player earns an even prize. If the player ends with a blackjack(a perfect 21), the player gets a chance to spin the wheel, hoping for better rewards. All bonus spin wagers that did not get an ace or a blackjack in the first two cards lose.

Positives of Bonus Spin Blackjack:

When it comes to positives/advantages, bonus blackjack stands out in this section. So let us look at some of them:

Players Can Win A-Side Payout:

In the traditional blackjack, you can only win extra payouts during a blackjack. But still, the odds of payout aren’t that high either.

But when it comes to bonus spin, players can expect to mint a huge sum as side payouts(depending on the casino offering), giving an edge compared to regular blackjack.

Also that in bonus spin, you will always get a payout of 1:1 if you ever get an ace.

Possibility Of Huge Jackpots:

As mentioned above, the payout in a normal blackjack is higher only for a natural blackjack. But then, too, the payouts odds are not more than 3:2 or 6:3. This means that every $20 you pay as a wager gets you a total payout of $30(for 3:2 odds) and a profit of just $10. Whereas for 6:3 odds, you get a profit of only $30. It is relatively low as compared to bonus spin blackjack.

In bonus spin, the moment you get a natural blackjack, you have a chance to spin the wheel, which in return awards you with cash prizes as high as $10000. Of course, it varies with different casinos. Nevertheless, the payout is much higher than that from a regular blackjack.

Negatives of Bonus Spin Blackjack:

Now that we know the advantages, let us look at some of the disadvantages:

Pay Extra for Side Payout:

Here, along with betting for the blackjack, you also need to pay to play the bonus spin. It might be an issue for many, but if you usually end up on a continuous losing streak, you may lose more as compared to regular blackjack.

House Has A High Edge:

If you don’t know what a house edge is, the percentage the casino has at earning profits in a particular game. Even a 3% house edge is high and is not preferable by most punters. However, bonus blackjack have a house edge of 5%. The house earns extremely profit from the game and slightly reduces the chance of winning bettors compared to traditional blackjack.


To conclude, bonus spin blackjacks are a great choice if you are willing to spend that extra cash for bonus spins. Since the payout is high, spending the extra cash could be worth the while.

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