Blackjack Hi-Lo Card Counting Strategy

Blackjack Hi-Lo Card Card counting systems are a tricky strategy. Only skilled players who know the necessary game skills can use them. They can give them an advantage over the casino if they are mastered and quite successful. It can perform miracles when combined with the basic strategy’s rules.

Even though there are many cards counting strategy. The aim of all the system is same. It is to help players improve their game play and boost their chance of winning. They all start with counting the cards in a specific fashion. Most of the time, the difference is in the total values that are allocated to the cards. It can make one approach simpler or more difficult.

Players all around the world use the Blackjack Hi-Lo system. It is also known as the Hi-lo card counting system. It is one of the most well-known cards counting strategies. Most card counting methods are not appropriate for novices since it needs a great deal of skills. The Blackjack Hi-Lo card counting system is distinct since it is quite clear-cut and easy to learn. In this article we will know all about Blackjack Hi-Lo card counting system.

How Blackjack Hi-Lo Card Card counting system works?

Among the simplest counting methods to use is the Blackjack Hi-Lo card counting. One of the main reasons for its high rating is found here.

There are only a few easy steps to using this method. Here’s a quick guide to using the Hi-Lo effectively.

Assign Each Card a Value

To use this counting approach, you must divide the cards into various groups and give each group a point value as follows:

  • Low cards (2–6) have a +1 value.
  • Cards that don’t count (7, 8, and 9) = 0.
  • Cards ranked 10 through A = -1

Regardless of whether a card is meant for you. The player after you, or the dealer, you must keep an eye out for it and count each one that comes from the shoe. You risk losing the count and losing some of your potential advantage. If you forget to account for even one card.

Convert to the Real Count

These days, most blackjack games use more than one deck. That said, when you play shoe games, you have to take into account all the decks that are accessible.

The “true count” accounts for more than one deck. The running accurate count is multiplied by the expected number of left card decks to get the true count.

Here’s an example of how it works:

  • There are +8 running cards.
  • You estimate that there are four remaining decks.
  • 8 / 4 = +2 is the real cards count.

Increase Bets as Needed

Raising bets during positive counts is the last step in using the Blackjack Hi-Lo card counting. You must first choose a unit size that shows how much to raise bets to do this.

Below is the list of examples of how to do this:

  • The minimal bet at the table is $10.
  • Until the genuine count turns positive, you make the smallest bet possible.
  • You choose $25 as the unit size.
  • For every one plus on the correct count, you will add one unit.
  • $25 bet on +1 true count
  • $50 wager = +2 true count
  • +3 true count = $75 bet
  • +4 true count = $100 bet.

Care must be used while choosing your unit of measure. A larger unit and, hence, more raises can often alarm a pit manager or casino staff, leading to your removal.

The secret is to think about your “bet spread.” The latter is the difference, during positive counts, between your greatest bet and the small bet on a table.

The ideal spread is between 1 and 10 (for example, $10 to $100) and 1 and 15 ($10 to $150). Depending on the casino, these spreads can be more or less kind, but generally speaking, 1 to 15 is the maximum you can go.

How to Use the Hi-Lo Without Getting Caught

Having expertise in the Hi-Lo is crucial for achieving success in card counting. But you have to go one step farther and cover your play as well.

Since casinos dislike losing money to benefit players, pit managers are tasked with finding and removing card counters. As such, you need to be able to maintain a precise count without drawing undue attention to yourself.

To achieve this goal, you need to start with the other players. You can achieve this by behaving carefree and appearing like an ordinary gambler.

When the count turns positive at some point, you’ll have to increase your bets. Spreading bets is a dead giveaway for card counting.


It’s wise to keep things simple when counting blackjack Hi-Lo cards. It is more important to focus on precision than to use a complex system that makes errors more likely.

Certain computer-generated tactics, such as the Thorp Ultimate, show higher accuracy. Yet, you have no possibility of setting up such systems.

This is why the Hi-Lo system is the best. It offers adequate precision and, above all, ease of use.

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