Best Tactics Used in Live Dealer Blackjack to Stop Card Counters

Most casino blackjack players will tell you it is a waste of time trying to count cards at Live Dealer Blackjack. They give because there are just lots of negative factors against you. However, these hurdles are deliberately put into place by online casinos. It ensures that any chance of counting cards reduces to the absolute minimum. There is some truth in what they say, but still, it is possible to count cards in online Blackjack. 

It is also true that counting cards will not be easy with Live Dealer Blackjack, but still, it is not impossible.

Most probably, the simplest among all these is to avoid playing tables where the minimum bet is more than 5% of your bankroll. Playing with the minimum bet of 5% will allow you to play much longer. It will also increase the chances of your winnings. Here is a list of some best tactics that use in online Blackjack. 

Leave Insurance Alone:

Apart from what most casino employees and other professional blackjack players might tell you, it strongly suggests that you never take insurance. However, it is an excellent move if you can count cards, but with multiple decks, it will be almost impossible. So, taking insurance can be nothing, just a disastrous move. One important point to remember is that you should always look for Live Dealer Blackjack tables that payout at 3 to 2. It means that the house edge will not end up increasing every time.

One Hand at a Time:

The biggest fact that will help you to maximize your winning is that you must play just one hand at a time. While at the same time sitting as far as possible from the dealer. It will help you to focus on only a single hand rather than multiple hands. Sitting as far away from the dealer as possible is an excellent idea. It will allow you to observe the cards as the dealer deals with them. 

One of the most important tactics that should be a basic foundation of all your blackjack playing is to memorize the optimal Blackjack tactic charts. Moreover, these will tell you the best gameplay for each specific hand. For instance, you have a 10 and a 4. On the other hand, a dealer has a 10 and 1 2. In this case, the online blackjack tactic chart will allow you to know the optimal way to play your hand.

How can the Live Dealer Blackjack Stop Card Counting?

Online Live Dealer Blackjack will come with lots of restrictions for card counters. These restrictions will make life more difficult. However, these are part and parcel of the general online rules of Blackjack and the gameplay. Here are some online casino options for discouraging card counters in Live Dealer Blackjack. These are especially important if you want to know how to win at Blackjack.

Continuous Reshuffle:

In online live blackjacks, a continuous shuffling machine known as CSM allows you to use multiple decks that reshuffle at every hand. Effectively, a continuous shuffle ensures the multiple decks of cards are reset and completely reshuffled at every single hand. It makes card counting virtually useless. So, why don’t all casinos use a continuous shuffler on every blackjack table? The answer is simple; these machines are very expensive and kill the dreams of many card counters. 

Bet Tracking Software:

Most Live Dealer Blackjack use software to track the shoes dealt and the betting patterns of each player on the table. So, if you are counting cards, your bets will consistently match the count. As such, a card counter can’t possibly hide while playing online. 

This discrepancy will instantly alert the casino, and you will be spotted soon. Of course, card counting is not illegal, but if the player spots to be winning multiple rounds of the games using this technique, they can certainly consider a cheat and banned from a particular casino.

Low Hands-Per-Hour:

Playing Blackjack in a casino, card counting can be done most effectively when there are adequate rounds per hour. It makes it worth the time of the player. The more hands the player can play per hour, the higher can expect to make. However, the whole scenario in a Live Dealer Blackjack is just the opposite. Blackjack games are extremely slow as you need to click the button to communicate you’re playing decisions. It makes card counting very fruitless. The professional cards counter plays 100 to 300 rounds per hour. Even the fastest Live Dealer Blackjack deals less than 50 rounds per hour. This low round per hour is the most prominent setback for card counters in live dealer games.


Card counting is undeniably a great way to win at a casino, but it is also an activity that should be hidden as much as possible. Using these tactics, you cannot only enjoy counting cards in Live Dealer Blackjack but also win more and stay undetected.

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