Best Numbers to Play on Online Roulette Table

Online roulette table contains a lot of numbers. In this article we will see the best numbers to play on an online roulette table. The best numbers are those that give you a winning edge against the house.    

Winning edge always has a lower house edge. You need to choose a number that enables you to lower the house edge and moreover enhance your odds of making cash and getting back your stake.

Different gamblers have their own and unique agendas in different online roulette table. Everyone follows their own strategies to have consistent wins.    

How Randomness Of Numbers Work?

Before we look at the best numbers in a casino, it’s worth understanding the basics of how randomness of any number affects the results in roulette. If you are good in mathematics then you might be aware about standard deviation.In European roulette games, there are a total of 37 numbers on the wheel. Everyone expects each number to come with its fair share on the bet. But during some luck and randomness involved in any number, some numbers are chosen faster than other numbers.

For example, Toss a coin 4 times, and you can easily see 3 heads and 1 tail. Now, toss the same coin 10,000 times. You will get 5000 heads and 5000 tails. But you can not count this number manually. Therefore, this basic feature of chance is what creates the sense that some roulette numbers are ‘lucky’ and some are ‘unlucky’.

Best Numbers To Play On Online Roulette Table


If you ask roulette gamblers about the most popular number played in roulette, they will definitely say 17.

Mike Ashley’s Big Win on 17

In 2008, owner of Newcastle united football club, Mike Ashley was playing at a casino. He made a bet there including all corners, splits, streets, six-line bets and number 17. He made a complete bet on number 17 and ended up winning  £1.3 million with that single bet. Here, Ashley found that 17 was a lucky number for him. He further proves this number for Sean Connery too. Sean Connery also created a history by winning on 17 number in 1962. This story goes on with so many people like Connery was playing at the Casino de la Vallee in Saint-Vincent, Italy, where he placed five bets on the number 17.Initially he lose the bet, but at the end he wins a huge amount on it. After this win, connery again put his whole earning for final round- which he also won again.

Why 17?

The number 17 became so popular because its position is pretty much right in the middle of the roulette layout, on both French and American tables. And moreover 17 is the prime number that seems the most random number to humans.


Do you know? According to the stats on the internet,7 is lucky for so many people. For example, there are seven days in a week, seven wonders of the world, seven continents on the planet, and so on.

In addition, it’s a significant number in most major religions in the world. According to Hinduism, there are seven chakras in vedas.

In Islam, Muslim pilgrims undertaking the Hajj walk around the Kaaba in Mecca seven times.

In Buddhism, there are seven steps of enlightenment and newborn babies take seven steps.

Again. 7 is a prime number that is not divisible easily; there it becomes more distinctive.


11 is also one of the best numbers to play on a roulette table. The central number on the grid and it has the ability to be  both a day of the month and the 11th month of the year. 11 is the first of all master numbers in numerology after 22 and 33. People who are into numerology have a strong belief that 11 number brings high levels of intuition and insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, plus empathy and emotional intelligence

11 is a black number that sits between the red number 30 and red 36 when you play European Roulette and between red 30 and red 7 when you play American Roulette. Make a bet on 11 numbers and try your luck today.


In the above article, we understood that seven is a very good number to bet on. There are so many success stories associated with the grand winning of people on 17 numbers. With the increase in wins on these numbers people consider these numbers as the best numbers to bet on. Though, whatever number you bet on, there are equal chances for all numbers to trigger. But, if your favorite number comes up then it means a lot to anyone.

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