Is the Banker Bet the Best bet on the Baccarat Table

Baccarat is a popular online as well as an offline casino game. You will grow your bankroll and raise your winning odds if you have the right baccarat strategy. The additional benefit of having the right baccarat strategy is taking your gameplay to the next level.

The baccarat game doesn’t offer many bets. The primary wagers are the banker hand, player hand, and both hands tied in the game. However, one bet that is considered the best in the baccarat game is the banker bet.

A tip you need to remember is to have set a limit of winning or losing. You need to stick to them to play a game where you can easily log off or switch to another game when you reach your limit.

Banker bet

The banker bet is the most straightforward baccarat strategy you can follow. It is the best strategy as you place a wager on the Banker. This is the safest strategy you can use in the game. However, it all comes down to the game’s math in this bet.

The house edge in this baccarat bet is 1.06%. When it is calculated through the token, the return to the player or the RTP to the player is 98.94 percent in banker bet. This theoretical calculation helps you understand which chance is better than the rest.

The RTP of the banker bet is 98.994 percent which is better than a player’s hand wager. In the player hand wager, you will receive an RTP of 97. If you place other bets, like a bet on a tie, it will be lower RTP.

The success of the Banker best goes beyond the house edge and RTP. It is a bet that requires a lot of strategies and a close eye on your game.

A banker bet hand loses about 49.32 percent of the hands. The winning chances of this bet are 50.68 percent. A player’s hand loses around 50.68 percent and wins approximately 49.32 times. Therefore, a banker bet has more chances of winning than losing. It is also clear that players’ hands have more chances of losing than winning.

When you include the 5 percent charge and ignore hands that tie, the Banker hand will continue to take advantage of the game. Remember, you can win if you trust the Banker when you place this bet.

Why is the Banker bet the best option?

Placing a bet against the Banker is one of the best options you have in a baccarat game. The Banker’s hand is better regarding the house advantage that it has.

There is a 1.06% house edge in this bet. This makes it one of the game’s best wagers. Even though 5% commissions are taken out in this bet in baccarat, it is still considered the best bet.

When should you not choose the Banker bet?

The most substantial bet in the baccarat game is the banker bet. This is because it consistently provides the players with a solid chance to win the game against other players.

You will want to place a bet every time you play baccarat. Usually, this is not wrong as you will win the bet every time you place it. However, there are some instances when you shouldn’t place the banker bet in the baccarat game.

Here are the two times when you shouldn’t place a banker bet:

  • In commission-free baccarat: There are a few versions of commission-free baccarat where casinos don’t take commissions out of the winning banker bet. This attracts the players’ attention as they don’t have to pay the commission on the bet. However, the casinos have special rules which aim to maintain their edge. With these special rules making a bet is not a decision you should make. As a result, the edge of the house increased in the commission-free baccarat.
  • Card counting: A baccarat that doesn’t receive much attention is the card counting method. It is when players can count cards in this game and gain an advantage over the others. This method helps you figure out which player has the odds against winning the game.


You must understand everything about the banker bet before playing baccarat. There are a few things you should remember. One is that systems can’t guarantee you profits. But, without placing a banker’s bet, there’s a little you can do about winning a game.

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