Are the live casino dealer in online casinos really live?

Live dealer games are gaining more popularity among online casino operators daily. It is because of the increasing player demand all around the world. Offering a huge selection of casino games on a platform is integral to good player acquisition and retention strategies. Of course, every target audience has demands that depend on different player preferences. Undoubtedly, live casino dealers are popular across the globe. So, join the casino live to have fun with your friends.

There are many reasons why more players are opting for this virtual type of entertainment. One prominent reason is that most casino websites feature favorite games that offer professionally by well-known and well-experienced dealers. However, the question is the live casino dealers in the online casino live? The difference between live casino games the ordinary online ones is that they operate in real-time and by real dealers. To find out the answer to this question, it is essential to know what live dealer games are and how they work. 

Live Dealer Games:

As the name indicates, live dealer games are those you play against a real, live dealer instead of a computer. However, it is a unique part of the gambling industry. It merges various aspects like real dealers, real casino tables, sophisticated streaming technology, and specially designed casino studios. All these aspects help you to deliver the real casino experience right through your screen.

The most prominent difference between live casino dealers, online, and traditional casinos is that the latter combines different aspects. It will provide you with a unique atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else. Since live casino dealer games are fairly new, many players are still skeptical about their fairness. These doubts are baseless, as players don’t have to fear anything when playing live dealer tables. Just like brick-and-mortar casinos, live online casino dealers also have Gaming Licenses. 

How does Live Casino Dealer Work?

A live casino is just like a real casino stream from a studio. Whether the live casino dealers are professional croupiers or specially trained TV hosts, they run the game. In addition, they also keep up friendly communication with the players. However, the interior design is based on brick-and-mortar casinos’ luxurious and spacious gaming floors. The studios are also fully equipped with modern technology that provides the highest possible sound and video quality.

One of the best things is that the games are available anytime, and you can play by many users or privately. Live casino dealers’ modern, tasteful studios are decorated with several wide-angle HD cameras. Moreover, these cameras are strategically placed around the space and some zoom in. It will provide you with different views and allow you to see every detail of the action.

Of course, this creates a feeling of security and transparency. In addition, it also gives you a full picture of gameplay, which makes your experience even more realistic. You get a great picture, a real casino atmosphere, and exciting gameplay. The recent powerful technology allows games to adapt to all electronic devices. Furthermore, live casino dealers often empower their platform with flexible software compatible with any payment system.

Are they Live?

You must click on a video link to play live casino dealer games. It will open a new window where you can see the dealer in a private studio. Being a live game, you can play your favorite casino games at your convenient time and place. However, the gaming process runs in front of a dealer in real-time. In addition, live chat functionality allows you to initiate a conversation with other players in the game and the dealer. 

There is no doubt about the fairness and transparency of live casino dealers because they are so true-to-life.

They can provide you with a memorable gambling experience. Therefore, it is fine to say that the live casino dealers are not there with you live while you play. It is common practice for users to play alone in online gaming. In addition, the presence of a live dealer converts such a lonely experience into a lively zone. So, this will makes it more fun. The available live dealer games are a function of the software. 


It is undeniable that live casino dealers are the way of the future in the gambling industry. They offer you the real atmosphere of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. In addition, they also provide the extra convenience of not having to leave your house to play your favorite casino games.

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