What are some Amazing Valorant Online Betting Tips?

Valorant Betting is one of the most popular online betting games. It is a game by RIOT game. The game was officially released on 2020. Within a very short period, valorant online betting has gained popularity worldwide. It is considered one of the top games among e-sports bettors.

Valorant organizes various championship events and bettor enjoy playing. Observing the popularity of the game within a few months, bookmakers immediately started offering valorant online betting in e-sports profiles. There is a huge fan following of valorant online betting from e-sports. Below are a few tips for playing valorant online betting if you consider yourself to bet on valorant.

To know the basics of e-sport betting.

The first thing to do as a bettor is to learn the basics of the e-sport betting scene. If you are a pro in playing the game does not mean that you will also be good at online betting. Many unfamiliar situations can arise while playing live betting, which you might not have faced while playing a normal game. So, the best advice is to know the pros and cons of the betting scenes before entering it. Moreover, familiarize yourself with all the strategies of e-sport betting.

Learn how to play

Learning how to play is as important as knowing about the e-sport betting market. You need to know each and every corner of the game thoroughly. Valorant is a RIOT game, and it has many aspects to it. You must know all the counter character functions and how each one of them can be deadly in its own way to be one step ahead. Since riot games usually work with “counter” characters. Analyze all the characters once the team is formed. This way, you will know all the good and bad points of the character and how they perform in the field. These observations will further help you to place your bet. Moreover, the most important part of learning the valorant online betting is to learn about the game maps.

Selection of good sites to play

Yes, choosing the best site to play valorant online betting is the most challenging part of e-sport betting. You need to keep a lot of things in mind before selecting the sites. Few things to be checked before betting is whether the company holds a genuine license. Their offering on the odds. Moreover, whether the bonuses which they provide to the bettors are attractive or not, valorant betting options are already available on a few platforms like Rivalry, Unikrn, and GG.bet. 


Rivalry is a site that is able to boom in the latest years. The number of bets available on their sites has improved a lot. Moreover, the different betting markets they offer are also attractive. In a survey to review the rivalry platform, we found that the platform additionally has a news section and online streaming. We are able to take benefit of the information available on it anytime. Moreover, Rivalry offers traditional payment modes via Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, and Skrill.


Unikrn is a platform that was made as an alternative to the game, which was already known to the company. In the beginning, the platform targeted specially on games such as CSGO and Dota 2. However, this was left apart as the increase of valorant online betting multiplied. The most attractive feature of unikrn is that it allows betting on ourselves in real-time.


This site can earn an important position in the world of e-sport betting. Various games are available and have been on the market for several years. This site offers a good option to bet for people who are interested in betting.

Set your Bankroll

The most important part of being known by every bettor in this betting world is setting your bankroll. Never go beyond your bankroll. This will help you lose less if your luck does not favour you on a particular day. Educate yourself on all the do’s and don’ts of valorant betting before you start spending money.

The betting field at valorant scene

Valorant is the game that is played in rounds, killings, and conquering within the map. Because of this, we have a variety of options on the field for betting. This important field will help you to make the most of e-sport betting bonuses. Some of the important fields from the valorant scene are-

  • Total round played
  • First murder
  • An increasing number of murders
  • Biggest murder spree
  • Increasing attendance
  • Round winner
  • Game winner

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