All You Need to Know About Live Casino Dealer Games

This one is going to be especially helpful for amateurs in the world of online gambling. With an overwhelming number of options out there, it is quite difficult to choose the best and highest-yielding live casino dealer games, but with a few tips and expert knowledge, you can make it up to the very best.

Before moving into a detailed discussion on how to choose the best live casino games, let us understand what a live dealer game is. As is quite evident from the name, the live dealer game involves a live dealer. While in most online casino games, the opponent is a computer or the AI interface of the software, in the live dealer game, the player will compete against a live dealer.

This genre of online gambling is quite sophisticated and involves the use of plenty of interfaces such as a specially designed studio, better streaming technology and so much more such that the players can experience just the right thing through their screens. Now, there lie certain outright differences between the traditional casino and the live dealer games and because of such differences, most new gamblers are skeptical of the same.

Advantages of Live Casino Dealer Games

As already mentioned, this gambling pedestal is quite new and therefore not completely developed. It has introduced very unique challenges to the world of betting and is slowly gaining a high rank. There aren’t too many changes in terms of rules but the overall experience of the game is quite different. Let us review the pros of Live Casino Dealer Games:

Maximum Availability and Convenience

The live casino dealer games can be accessed anytime from anywhere. There are practically no temporal or spatial restrictions on the game. It is available round the clock without the interference of any time zone either. The device also plays no hindrance role. Players can access the game from a laptop, mobile phone (through apps), desktop, tablet, and any other device. In a nutshell – love betting experience all the time from any part of the world.

Dealer Experience

One of the primary reasons that a lot of gamblers refused to indulge in the online gambling world was the lack of a real-time experience. The interaction with the dealers, an unmatched adrenaline rush is something only a human interaction can provide and no computer or AI can replicate the same. With the live dealer games, the online betters can now experience the reality so the layers feel that they are inside a casino without having to be physically present here.

Waiting Time is Zero

Nil waiting time is another vital advantage of live dealer games. If you visit a casino in person, you may or may not get slots available but if you are into the live casino dealer games, there is no waiting time – service is always available for the players.

Disadvantages of the Live Casino Dealer Games

Well, is it all good and no bad about live dealer games? The answer is no. Though it is quite popular, live casino dealer games come with certain potential disadvantages. Let us understand what the cons of live dealer games are:

Technical Glitches

Though the online casinos use the best software and technology for the live dealer games, yet there could be some technical faults because it is mostly dependent on the stability of the internet connection. If the connection fails to meet the needs of the game, there is a high possibility that the game may get interrupted in the middle with a total chaos. This eventually is the biggest fear of some players.


Live online dealer games are generally slower than other types of casino games. This is truly because some of the live dealers make their move really slow and this interrupted game play often gets too frustrating for the players. Also, the restricted time limit is a major concern.

Final Thoughts

The advent of live casino games started in the mid-2000s in the online gambling world. It has come a long way and now almost every other reputed and trusted online casino brand has launched this gambling genre. The top-notch software makes the live casino games even more enjoyable and fun to get along with. The most played live casino dealer games are:

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack

It is truly recommended for online gamblers to give this love casino game a try because the results are amazing if you can apply proper skills and hacks.

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