All you need to Know About Field Bet Craps

A field bet in the game of Craps also simply referred to as Field Bet Craps is a wager that is placed on the shooter which could either be a machine or a person. The field bet craps are placed by rolling either of the following numbers – 2,3,4,9,10,11 or 12. Field bet in craps has a chance less than or equal to 50% of the payout. And if it rolled over two and twelve, it can practically double the money you bet on. It is time you know more about it.

Field Bet Craps – Basics

This bet is comparatively easy to place and is thus suggested for beginners. On the table of Craps, this bet is situated in the middle of the other bets – amidst two large squares. On a few of the craps tables, the place for this bet looks like another entire field in the middle of the table. Precisely speaking, it is located between the “don’t pass” and “come” space

Now, the players might be wondering whether this type of bet is good or bad – whether it yields high profits or not. Most seasoned players agree on the fact that field bet craps are quite a sucker bet in nature simply because of the house edge. The field bet craps has a house edge of around 5.5%. At a glance, this might seem a lot, but when you compare the house edge of this bet with other types of bets in Craps, this one is seemingly better than the others. However, this bet can prove to be the best only when you know how to use it to your advantage. The high house edge is often considered the biggest disadvantage of this type of bet.

Some Casinos also offer a 3:1 field bet craps and it is with a 2 or 12 roll. This combination is much more profitable and can significantly reduce the house edge to 2.78%.

Strategies for Field Craps Bet

Here is the perfect field bet craps strategy to use. Often called the Iron Cross, this strategy focuses on placing bets on the losing numbers. The Iron Cross craps strategy can reduce the losing numbers to simply a roll of seven. The Iron Cross Strategy brings down the losing percentage to 16.67% and the house edge is reduced to 2.3%. With an additional 3:1 boost for the odds, this one is a better edge.

Characteristics of Field Craps Bet

Let us now understand the basic characteristics of the Field Craps Bet

Easy Bet to Place

Since there are absolutely no complex rules associated with this bet, it is extremely easy to place and works very simply. This is the very reason, it is a great bet for beginners to start with. Only when the numbers 2,3,4,9,10,11 and 12 are rolled, the player wins the bet and when they are not rolled, the player loses the bet. The equation is really simple to understand. If you are an amateur and yet not confident with the other betting types, this can be your savior.

Perfect Self-Service Bet

The field craps bet is also referred to as a self-service bet. This is because most other types of bets on the field of craps are placed on the stickman. However, in this one, the players can place the bet on their fields. The only precaution to take up is that – the players should keep their bets away from the other players. The field bet craps is one of the easiest and most convenient bet types to get started with but it is always advised to try out a few games before placing the bet. Field bet craps are often very highly ranked as profitable and yielding, but in reality, it is less profitable than Free Odds or Pass Line Bets.

Final Words

The main reason why players are so fond of this type of bet is that the odds of the bets are 5 to 4. Even the payouts are 2 to 1, in instances when the shooter rolls either a 2 or a 12. With this type of bet, some casinos are more lenient and generous than others, as they offer 3 to 1 odds of winning. The 3 to 1-combination is the most favorable for the players for this type of bet. Popular casinos offer this bet as a limited deal to attract new players.

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