21+3 Blackjack Side Bet: Rules & Strategy

21+3 is an exciting and enjoyable blackjack variation played as a side bet in a standard game. This side Bet comes across as a mix of basic blackjack and three-card online poker and promises some appealing chances for the players.

What Is The 21+3 Side Bet?

In a 21+3 side blackjack bet, you bet on whether the initial two cards of your hand and the dealership’s face-up card combine to make one of the three-card poker hands below:

  • Flush-  Three cards in the same suit
  • Straight- 3 cards of successive worths, such as 2-3-4. Aces can be high or reduced
  • 3 of a kind- 3 cards of the exact same value/face card
  • Straight flush- 3 cards of consecutive worths that are done in the exact same suit
  • Suited three of a Kind- Three cards of the same value/face card and also the exact match

You can place the Bet before your cards are dealt. Usually, there will undoubtedly be a 21+3 box on the table where you place your risk for the side bet.

If your first two cards plus the supplier’s up-card incorporate providing one of these five hands, you win a 21+3 blackjack Bet. If not, you will lose your side bet stake.

Just how much you win depends upon which three-card hand you get, with everyone paying various probabilities, more of which are below.

21+3 Blackjack Rules

21+3 blackjack regulations are straightforward as well as typical ones. The Game is usually had fun with six decks of cards. The dealer stands on all 17s. Players are permitted to increase down on 9, 10, and 11 values. When a player increases down, he obtains just one extra card. Also, players can split up into two hands consisting of the Aces. Increasing down after a split is likewise allowed. The basic blackjack pays 3:2.

The 21+3 side bet provides various ways to win for the players. As necessary, the payment differs depending on the mix the player receives from his two cards and the supplier up card. A Flush pays 5:1, Straight pays 10:1, Three of a Kind pays 25:1, Straight Flush pays 40:1 and also Matched 3 of a Kind pays 100:1


The blackjack game begins in the typical method, with every player being dealt two cards. The dealership obtains one card face up and also another face down. Usually, the blackjack table will have a 21+3 box in which the gamer can position the stake for this Bet. If the initial two cards of the players are integrated with the dealer’s upcard provided among the following hands; then the player wins the 21+3 blackjack side bet. If not, he loses the bet amount.

The winning amount also differs depending on the hand the gamer obtains. Each hand supplies various statistics in the gameplay as marked below:

3 of a Kind.

A player can get Three of a Kind, suggesting three cards of the same value or face cards. These cards can come from the same suit creating a Fit 3 of a Kind hand, which pays 100. In a conventional game with six decks of cards, the likelihood is 0.000207 with an RTP of 0.020745. When the cards are not from the very exact match, a winning hand pays 33 and supplies a chance and also RTP of 0.005041 as well as 0.166352 specifically. The stakes are pretty high at 30:1.


A Flush is a combination of three cards of the exact fit. In a classic six-deck game, a Flush pays five and a variety of 292896; it assures a chance of 0.058424 and RTP of 0.292118. The event and RTP (with the Flush and the rest of the elements continuing to be the same) for a game of 8 decks of cards would undoubtedly be 0.058841 and 0.294207, respectively.


A Straight is a really fascinating hand in the 21+3 blackjack side Bet. It implies that the player’s preliminary two cards and the supplier’s up card are of successive worths such as 3 ♣ 4 ♦ 5 ATM MACHINE. Such a hand pays ten and has probabilities of 10:1 in a blackjack game with six decks of cards. The chance and also RTP for a Straight are 0.031021 and also 0.310214, respectively.

Straight Flush.

A Straight Flush hand requires three cards of consecutive worths along with from the very exact fit. In a classic game, a Straight Flush pays 30 with a weird of 40:1. The mix, probability, and RTP would be 10.368, 0.002068, and 0.062043 specifically.

Are there any chances to beat 21+3?

Eliot Jacobson, a table games hacker of types, showed that a simple matter of matches was enough to triumph, albeit with a meager anticipated return and a high level of difficulty.

But as numerous casinos went to modern pay tables with three ace of spades or something comparable, several individuals and teams understood they could search for dynamic payouts that were large enough to provide the gamer the benefit.

In these highly minimal instances, the mathematical pendulum had swung to prefer the player as the size of the jackpot expanded to counter the mild residence benefit.

So it never harms to watch out for substantial modern meters when looking for a 21+3 table.

Alternatively, minor jackpots on these dynamic Games may indicate that you are playing at a much even worse home benefit than you would be simply playing on a conventional Game, so beware.

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